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The Private Custom Tour

Our most popular customized Eco-tour is our "Private Custom Tour".

We work with you to build a custom itinerary built around your agenda, your preferred departure time, everything to accommodate your schedule.

What to expect on an our "Private Custom Tour"

  • Departure times determined by you and your family.
  • Sites, locations all determined by your interests.
  • Discover some of the most beautiful spots in Tampa Bay
  • See birds, fish, dolphins, and more.
  • Great spots to swim
  • Throw in the rods and go fishing too!
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Sunset Boat Eco-Tour

Enjoy a specialty wildlife exploration with an amazing Captain and Naturalist.

What to expect on a Sunset Boat Eco-Tour

  • Enjoy watching the sunset with wine and nibbles
  • Explore wildlife throughout Tampa Bay
  • Discover hidden historical sites
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Sunrise Tour of the Bay

Our Sunrise tour allows you to enjoy the gorgeous sunrise.

What to expect on a Sunrise tour

  • See all that Tampa Bay has to offer on land and sea
  • Fun fishing for the whole family
  • Beautiful locations to jump in the water and go swimming
  • Discover historical sites like Egmont Key and the The Fort

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